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Use our system to compete with TopGolf

The average TopGolf facility brings in $24 Million of revenue per year, and 40% ($9.8 Million) makes it to their bottom line. How can you compete with a company generating so much cash flow?

We have developed a patent pending RFID system that integrates with TruGolf's E6 Gaming Software allowing you to compete directly with TopGolf, while providing more games and entertainment for your customers, including a full round of golf

See how our system competes with TopGolf

More accurate & reliable than golf simulators

We can consistently determine the locations of golf balls anywhere on the driving range within 1 ½ inches of accuracy, which is over 280x more accurate than other RFID methods and significantly more accurate than golf simulators

If you've played a golf simulator, you know the frustration of misread and unread shots all too well. We are the solution for 100% readable shots, no matter what the distance!

See our video proof of accuracy above

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Interested in using our RFID technology at your driving range facility, or for other applications?

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