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Here are some videos proving our technology

Proving Accuracy

Underneath the putting green shown in the video lies our network of antennas, which is connected with TruGolf's E6 Golf Simulator

When the ball is hit an inch to the back and right of the hole, the system recognizes this, and sends a shot slightly to the right of this center line.

With the 2nd shot, the system knows the ball went in the hole (about an inch from the previous shot), which is shown in the game as a 288 yard ball hit straight down the center line.

The 3rd putt is hit around 16 inches to the left and slightly behind the hole. The system can tell this, and shows a shot that is a little longer (291 yards), and hooked far to the left (6 degrees off center).

The system also recognizes balls that are hit short, and translates the 4th putt into a 114 yard shot down the middle.

This is great for a putting game, but this is just a prototype. Can it really be applied to a larger driving range similar to TopGolf?

ABSOLUTELY! In fact, because the coordinates of the ball in this prototype don't directly translate into a real shot in the game, a full size driving range actually requires less programming and coding than this putting game.

Installing our technology over the entire field has a total cost similar to TopGolf's system, but allows us to track every ball hit, instead of just what falls into the pits. This allows us to provide customers the ability to play virtual rounds of golf.

The average bay at TopGolf generates over $200,000 in revenue/year. Contact us if you would like more revenue at your driving range while providing a better experience than TopGolf.

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